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Toning Tables...

Our specialized Toning Tables are:

 - low impact

 - easy to use and

 - allow you to exercise without muscle strain or fatigue. 

Just lie back, relax and work with the tables as they isolate and exercise each of your major muscle groups. 


Each woman works at her own endurance level. Personalized coaching ensures you maximize the benefit from each toning table based on your fitness needs.  As you exercise, you will  tone muscles, increase flexibility , decrease inches, promote weight-loss and find more energy.

Positive results are seen quickly!

Side to Side

Tones sides and waist.

Leg Kick


Tones buttocks and saddle bag area.

Upper Back & Arms

Tones upper back and arms.

Tones legs,  waist and hips.

Inner & Outer Thighs

Tones inner and upper thigh area.

Sit Up

Tones tummy.


Relaxes body and stimulates circulation.

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